Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worth It.

Sometimes there are nights that I don't get to bed until almost two in the morning and have to get up less than five hours later to go to work. 

Sometimes there are nights that I don't even get home until almost five AM. 

Sometimes I don't get to see some of the people who are most special to me for months at a time. 

Sometimes I forget that I have changed so much, that I am so close and so far away from the person I used to be.  That I am a much better person and friend than I was to them all of those years ago.

And they still love me, not only for who I am now, but for who I was and who I have been.

Sometimes the best memories are the ones you make when you least intend to.  And frequently, they are waaay after my official bedtime.

But every single time I put my body through this torturous sleep deprivation, I know in my heart that every second was completely worth it.


  1. Wha? This blogs is really positive.

    This blog lacks:
    Negative waves
    Your Vagina
    Pee Funnels
    Complaints (well a few, not many)
    A rant
    Past love interests

    But I am happy for you and your awesome friends. The night seems to have a different vibe than daytime, that can change a person's personality. Or of course the alcohol can certainly change friends as well. Staying out late, eating food at the good Dennys (next to K-mart). Heck yes I'll have pancakes and a chocolate fudge sundae @ 3 am from the value menu.

    I just miss your inner dickins. With the wonderful weather on the horizon, coupled with anti-anxiety pills. You might simply blog about dancing around in your sundress in the wild flowers. Sigh... ;) I am happy for the warmer weather, I finally got to wear some fukin shorts yesterday. Now all I have to do is get a tan; I am whiter than an Ipod.

  2. We just stayed in and made s'mores on my back porch. These particular friends are my "high school" friends (though none of us technically met in high school), so I don't get to see them very often. Which makes the times that we do get to hang out super special to me.

    Mmm... Pancakes... Pancakes and scrambled eggs would be completely amazing right now.

    I don't have anti-anxiety meds yet. And I am actually a generally happy person. I'm also kind of an asshole. So, even if my anxiety disappeared completely and everything in my life was completely perfect, I would still find something to be sarcastic and witty about. If I'm going to dance, it's going to be in a meadow by the light of the moon. Or in a nightclub. Or my living room, which I sometimes turn into a nightclub for dance parties. I know what you mean; I was so excited to just go sit in the sun yesterday after work. And today I'm wearing a tank top. It's glorious.