Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hard Reset.

Yoshi surprised me Tuesday with a trip to Santa Cruz.  We came back this afternoon; that's the longest I've been able to spend there in years.  It was completely amazing.

Granted, we had a couple awkward miscommunications and some moodiness, but all in all it was a great trip.

I did learn, though, that I can't wait for him to eat breakfast.  I can't go that long without eating and the more stressed out or anxious he gets, the less he eats.

I went for a long walk on the beach with Oose our first morning there.  I miss time like that with her.  No matter how much time we have, I always seem to feel like it's not enough.  I think if our respective husbands die before we do, we'll just move in together.

I didn't think to put on sunscreen because the fog was so heavy when we left, so of course it started to clear up when there was no way for me to avoid getting burned.  My forehead, cheeks, and chest got the brunt of it.  Oose's brother came to talk to me and had to remark on my "poor burned titties".  He and Yoshi seem to be becoming friends and that makes me happy.

I also caught Yoshi's cold.  Now I can't taste what I'm eating, which sucks.  I like food.  If it tasted like this all the time I'd probably never eat.

So now I have no less than three different beverages I'm currently consuming, as well as some chicken-flavored couscous; I figured chicken boullion stuff would probably be a good thing to consume right now.  And I'm also bored.  Which means I've reverted to my secret alonetime activity.  It's that thing I do when I'm alone and I miss my boyfriend...  Look up engagement rings online and try to find one I actually like.