Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Girl.

Yesterday, I finally got my dad to watch True Blood.  After over a year of telling him he should.

It was a lot easier than I really anticipated. 

All I had to do was turn it on. 

I read my book during a couple of the episodes, but it was nice to just sit there.  Not worry about anything.  Just be.

Because yesterday was Father’s Day and I got to relax and have a pleasant evening with my father last night, I feel compelled to mention that I have pretty much the best dad ever. 

Like, so good kids with poor male role models gravitate toward him.

It’s not that he’s without fault.  My dad is far from perfect.  But he is probably the best man I have ever known in my entire life.

My track record may make it seem as if the males I have known might be somewhat questionable in the awesome manliness department, but I have known some very decent men.  Friends’ dads, teachers, bosses, bus drivers; you know, the usual.  But not one of them can ever compare to my dad.

He taught me to wrestle—actually, he taught me it was okay to beat up the little boys in my elementary school, but, you  know, same difference.  He taught me to appreciate more in life by having a sick and twisted sense of humor.  He sang me to sleep when I was little.  Actually, he’d probably still try now.  He accepts that I swear to him (not at him) and cry for no reason. 

I can’t recall ever having seen him cry.  Not even when my grandfather passed away last year.  He’s a man.  Men don’t cry!  They drink tequila.  Sometimes.

My father will always be the standard by which I measure men I date.  I know no one will ever measure up, but maybe one day someone will get close.

With my luck, he would find me completely unattractive.  But maybe I can brainwash him into somehow finding me fascinating.

Unlikely, I know.  But I can fantasize all I want.

He is the perfect king in every little girls’ princess fantasy. 

Sometimes I am lucky enough to feel like I deserved to be his little princess.  

Every day I am blessed to be his daughter.


  1. I felt the same way about my daddy, when he was still alive. He was big, strong, handsome, intelligent, and and skilled, and even though I didn't get to have him around during my adolescence, the time I spent around him was well-spent. He's the kind of guy I wanted to have as my Prince Charming when I grew up, and he already was. :)

  2. This is such a sweet entry.
    I also feel this way about my father. It's been over a year since he died, but whenever I meet new people that I like, I have this urge to tell them about how much I wish they could have met my dad. That's how you know you mean something to me, if I try to force my father's memory on you, lol.
    We are lucky girls.

  3. I am happy to hear you had a nice fathers day. I tried watching True Blood today, but I caught the show in the middle, so it wasn't impressive. Maybe if I watch an episode from the beginning, I might like it. Did you ever see the movie "Day Breakers?" It is a vampire movie with Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawk set in the future. I think you might like it, it certainly has plenty of gore.

    I admire your sick and twisted sense of humor, it has always been a great characteristic of your personality. My take on manliness differs from yours. I believe too much manliness causes balding, since the higher amounts testosterone has been shown to cause male pattern baldness. I will admit Patrick Stewart is my favorite bald man.

    I can't comment on the attractiveness of manliness, but I feel that it shouldn't be a deal breaker. Men have balls and their word. Apart from various physical characteristics, I figure we are all human. I will admit, it seems people all have a predisposition to eye hump the lookers. And we of course can disregard the fat ugly people, despite them having beautiful personalities. It is the sad truth really. Secretly, we search out certain characteristics to ensure that a potential mate would produce healthy children. Throw in some hormones and I just explained the entire process. Yeah I am going to stop talking now. Picks up a book...

    -Ryan Reynolds Abs (RRA)

  4. @Flicker-- I'm really glad you have great memories of your dad to look back on. Sometimes fathers don't seem spend their time with their children wisely. You're lucky you got one of the good daddies, even if your time with him was short. In a way that makes the memories more special.

    @Patty-- Yes. Yes, we are. You can tell when I like someone because I try to force them to meet my parents. Like, immediately. It's like I don't think about how that could be weird; just about how awesome they are and how everyone loves them. I'm really sorry for your loss, by the way. I can't imagine losing my dad. I had a hard enough time with my grandpa and we weren't even that close.

    @Anonymous-- I am not calling you Ryan Reynolds' Abs. Those are sacred.

    I am kind of particular about my gore. Just any old gut-filled blood spray doesn't do it for me. I like True Blood for a variety of reasons other than the fact that it is sometimes violent. Mostly, it's funny. Also, I read the books, so I have a kind of extended character attachment. And the main character's brother doesn't wear a shirt fairly frequently in the first season. It's just nice to look at.

    I am concerned that you have a favorite bald man. You seem very concerned about hair loss. Are/were you a member of Hanson? They shared your concern a while ago. I don't know about now. I must admit, balls are not something I think of when I ponder male attractiveness. Ever. I am one of those people who judges people based on their personalities as opposed to a first impression look. I don't feel like I have room to judge on appearance because it happens to me so much. For some reason people tend to think I'm wholesome when they meet me. To the point where most do not notice how many piercings I have. For days. Then, the first time I swear, make a dirty joke, wear a short skirt, or they learn I have a tattoo, they still get surprised. I guess I will never understand that.

  5. I was actually referring to balls in more of a figurative sense, like someone having big balls by not being afraid of anything. Like the movie Scarface, all a man has got is his balls and his word. I was using the term to describe a person's ingegrity.

    I am concerned about losing my hair, since I enjoy having hair. There are even men I know who wear hair extensions what could be considered a toupee. Both of my grandparents and my dad had/have somewhat bald heads. So far, I have been lucky, since hardly any of my hair has fallen out yet. There are a variety of factors that cause baldness, but hopefully I can beat the odds. Interesting fact about Hanson, I will have to look up the statement about baldness.

    Yeah, but you would be lying if you said you didn't eye hump men with their shirts off. Deep down you are in essence looking for a mate. I doubt you would be into some fat bald guy. Some girls are into rich dudes, but that is an entirely different matter. My point being that people can be attracted to mentality and physical aspects of an individual depending on their personality type.

    I think you are still a wholesome and honest person; I like that about you. Your piercings don't bother me, nor do any of your extra circular habits. I am not a huge tattoo fan, but I don't mind them at all. I am pretty neutral on this matter. I think tats are great when they can be easily hidden. Potential employers could be discriminative towards tats. Plus, I get tired of looking at the same desktop background on my computer for a week. So, I could never get a tattoo.


  6. I knew you weren't referring to literal balls. But I started thinking about them. While sometimes I think it would be nice to have a penis, balls I have never wanted.

    It's not so much a fact as an observation. Seemed like every Hanson song I listened to when I was, like, ten mentioned hair loss.

    I don't just eye-hump any man without a shirt. That's a horrifying thought. For me to be truly completely attracted to someone, there has to be a very specific combination of both physical characteristics and personality traits. But it's really more about personality for me. While I probably wouldn't date a fat bald man, I don't feel that says much because I am not into men close to my dad's age.

    I am honest, that's for sure. But I don't think I would call myself wholesome. I'm not sure what you mean about extra-curricular habits. And I used to think that I could never get a tattoo for that reason. Then I found one I wanted and I am still in love with it, over a year later. I have never regretted it once.