Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Definite Conclusion.

It's really fucking hot outside.

I don't even know how many times I've said that in the past few days. 

I have come to a conclusion based on this fact.  And the fact that I feel weird stalking my friend's parents' house after he goes home in a week.

I need a pool. 

I had forgotten how awesome it is to have one at my disposal. 

It's great for a variety of reasons.  Like, it's cool when it's really hot outside.  And when my friends are hanging out talking in the deep end and I want to face them and talk to them simultaneously, I will tread water for-fucking-ever.  Seriously.

It's like jogging.  But with more resistance.  And it's easier on your joints.  So, way better.

Yet I can do it for longer than jogging.  Explain that one.

What you should take away from this is that I need a pool.  Or a new friend with a pool that wants me to come hang out for like an hour every night.

Do you have a pool?


  1. My apartment has a pool. It's kind of lame though, because there are children everywhere. I hate it, but I can't admit that much since I am going to be a teacher and all. I just don't want them to be in my pool time.

    I love, love the pool at my gym.

  2. I know a friend who has a pool. Maybe I should walk on over there and ask to swim in it. :) I will admit, I am a little disturbed how so many people have had sex in the Hot Tub. I suppose it couldn't be considered a holy place. But my friend made a good point, it's a fucking Hot Tub!


  3. @Patty-- I lived in an apartment complex the last time I had a pool. I had forgotten how amazing it was. I would go swim when the children went to dinner. Or, more frequently than not, I would have a little one that wanted to go swimming with me and we would have to make friends.

    @Hanson-- He's only going to be here for, like, another week. And I feel weird driving out there to be like, "hey... It's hot... Can I swim?" It's different because you're next-door, I suppose.

  4. Shhh! Someone might figure out my secret identity!