Monday, March 7, 2011

Because Jesus wants me to wear skinny jeans.


This year I’m pretty much going to use it as incentive to do the healthy things I’ve been saying I need to do for years.  I think it’s a great plan.

No soda.  No super processed foods (goodbye, Cheetos).  Lots of salads.  Maybe the occasional French fry, because I can’t leave them alone. 

That’s the first part of my Lenten adventure. 

Part deux: Exercise.  I keep saying I’m going to do it on a regular basis.  And, judging from the way my ass looked in the skinny jeans I tried to squeeze it into this morning, I really need to.  So, I will.  Because I have to for Lent.

See?  Great ideas.  I’m full of them.

The problem is that Lent doesn’t start till Wednesday, technically.  So I have two days I can just fuck up my diet and body.  Which will make it that much harder to start when the time comes.  Also, it’s always easier to do something the day you officially decide to do it.  Waiting sucks balls.

Also, I pretty much have no money.  That should be incentive to do my taxes, but I keep forgetting.  Stupid taxes.  I’m also always a little bit afraid to do them because I don’t want to have to pay anything.  That would blow.

I’m hoping that the vow to do things I really need to be in the habit of doing anyway will help me build a routine.  And that being in that routine for 40 days will help me continue those behaviors after Lent is over. 

I feel like I focus a lot on the “I have jiggly parts” thing when I talk about exercise.  That’s not the only reason I want to exercise.  I mean, it’s a big reason.  I get tired of feeling like an Amazon ALL THE TIME.  But I really just want to feel better.  I start doing all these things (like eating yogurt every day and drinking juice instead of soda) and then I stop them because I’m really tired and need caffeine or I’d rather have a cheese stick than a yogurt.  In all reality, I just want to find a way to force myself to stick to healthy behaviors and not allow my willpower to crumple like a dead leaf at the thought of a doughnut. 

Mmm…  Doughnuts…


No self control.

So, in honor of Christ’s desert thingie, I will become a healthier person.  Without doughnuts. 

Expect me to be a little grumpy for, like, the next week.


  1. That's why the day before Ash Wednesday is called Fat Tuesday, dear. It's the last day you can get FAT. ;P

  2. I know. Makes me think of that beer Fat Tire for some reason.

  3. Lol. Ok then...let's do this. Sigh.