Wednesday, May 23, 2012


You know how some people pretty much make careers of being professional college students?

Yeah.  I am not one of those people.

I miss working so much.

And this is not one of those instances where college kids decide they don't want to be in school anymore, so they set out into the real world to get a job and while working realize they miss school, so they go back.  And then once they're in school they miss working.  Continue this vicious cycle to degree-town.

I'm not one of those.  I didn't miss school when I was working.  I liked working.  Then I went back to school because I missed performing and it was sort of a means to an end.  I also knew I needed a degree to do anything worthwhile with my future.  But I never, ever missed school.

Now that I'm in school I hate it even more.  I fantasize about my old office in Redding.  I had an amazing spring break because I worked for most of it.  That's when I feel happy and useful.

The problem is that I feel happy when I have a good performance, too.  Though, it has been a while since that has happened.

This semester was awful.  This semester raped, pillaged, and molested its way through my entire being.  I have 15 hours left until I'm done for three months and I couldn't be happier.  If I could quit now, I would.  That's how much I don't like school right now.

Not that I've ever liked it.

At this point I'm going to turn in my final projects tomorrow, come home, and sleep for three days.


  1. Well, you survived it! You are officially done with that semester, and probably your junior year if my memory is right. Which means next semester begins your senior year, and although I am sure it will be rough, the end is near!!

    (says the one who just graduated, bwahaha)

    1. First semester of junior year, as far as the school of music is concerned. But I got most of the harder classes out of the way. Next semester I'll only be taking 16 units (my smallest amount since starting at university) and 6 of them will be outside the music department, which I am completely stoked about.

      I didn't realize you graduated... Congratulations!

  2. Jeeeeeewelllllllllrrrrryyyyyyyyy. Seriously. It's the perfect job for me personally because I still get to spend my whole day with my chunky little monkey, but I get to leave and not come back for four hours at a time and I have money in my pocket when I do. I have never missed school, either, so I feel ya. We might be kinda the same person. Only I'm like the super-size, fluffy version of you. With brown hair.

    1. That does sound nice... We'll see if I can manage it or not.

      Eh. I'm not that un-fluffy and my hair is waaaay more brown than it used to be. Maybe we're just both really awesome. :) P.S. I should be free most of the first week in June.