Saturday, March 31, 2012


By the way, I went back to the ophthalmologist this morning.  My eye is doing much better. 

However, I'm pretty sure I was thinking of the name of a dentist in Redding.  My doctor's name here is Daniel.  Which is weird.  Because I feel like someone in his life will have called him Danny at some point.  And the thought of this guy being called Danny freaks me out.

Also today, I went to see Mirror, Mirror with Toto.  It was cute.  Some of the acting was just okay and there was a weird scene in the end that didn't belong in the movie at all.  Other than that, cute. 

And prior to leaving for the movie I discovered my cat had somehow managed to shit in the middle of my laundry pile.  I don't know what his problem is.  But he had better check himself before he wrecks himself.


  1. Maybe he wanted to go to the movies too?

  2. I might not have scooped out his litter box in a timely enough fashion for him. Usually that's his way of telling me, "Mom, there's been the same poop in my litter box for almost 24 hours!"