Sunday, March 25, 2012

Maybe I Should Put Pants on Soon.

It's 4:30 on Sunday.  I have yet to shower.  Or put on pants.  I made some pretty bomb biscuits, though, so I think that cancels out all of the things I haven't done.

I lucked out with no classes Friday because of a festival at school that I wasn't involved in.  This means that Friday I didn't even get up until after five.  I slept till 11, then took a three-hour nap at around 1:30.

To sum up, I got a lot of sleeping done this weekend.  Which is good because I have not been doing enough sleeping for at least the last month.  Every time I think I'll have a chance to catch up, some other lame bullshit blows up and I have to spend six hours on homework.

Spring break seriously can't come soon enough.  And I am ecstatic that I get to go home to my parents' early.  Well, I have to for work.  But I really want to do that.

Monday I finally went to Student Health for the first time.  I had hoped that the first time I wandered in there would be for a cool reason like 'I need cheap birth control' (this would be awesome because it would mean I was getting sex).  Alas, no.

I had to make an appointment because the issues I've been having with my right eye for a while now sort of blew up over the weekend and I was scared enough to want to consult a doctor.

Student Health at my university is actually pretty great.  I was expecting some backwoods witch doctor attempting to cure my eye irritation by burning sage and henna, then prescribing drops of cannabis oil to put in it.

Not the case.

They checked me out and made an appointment with an ophthalmologist in town that they recommended.  The next day I was able to see the specialist, where I had the privilege of sitting in the waiting room for an hour while a Mexican toddler ran around in front of me and randomly stopped to stare at the beadwork on my moccasins.  (That's right.  I wear moccasins.  They are comfy.  And they go with a lot.  Plus they go with my dreamcatcher necklace.)  Apparently the colors are pretty.

By they time they called me back I had to pee so bad I almost couldn't sit down again after I'd stood up.  Luckily, going to the bathroom cut down on the time I spent waiting for the doctor to actually come look at my eye.

Sidenote-- Why do Japanese doctors always have names like Alfred Yen?  Is Batman really popular in Asian countries or something?

He looked into my eyeball for about two seconds before he told me what was wrong, then had some dude who had been wandering around in the hallway double-fisting eyedrops come dilate me.  I'm not sure why.

After my eyes finally dilated I realized that the shitty one looked practically normal and the healthy one looked scary.  Meaning I generally looked like an alien.

A sexy beast of an alien, right?

Doctor Alf said it was Iritis, prescribed some prednisone eyedrops for me to use once an hour, gave me blinders, and sent me on my way.

Also, I feel compelled to note that when I asked they told me I would be fine to drive after I was dilated as long as it was just around town.  Because apparently that makes a difference.  They probably should not have done that.

The eyedrops have helped a ton, so hopefully I'll be able to wear my contacts again soon.  Even though Alf doesn't recommend I wear contacts ever.  He also said that the Iritis was in no way related to my contact use.  And I have some awesome sunglasses I can't wear with glasses.  So I'm just going to be extra careful.

The drawbacks of the eyedrops are that they eventually leak through my sinuses and down the back of my throat.  Where I can taste them.  They have that lovely medicinal flavor of things that should not go in your mouth.

Also, they have been upsetting my stomach since I started using them.  That hasn't been fun for me at school.

Then again, I can see.  So I'm really not complaining.

I go back to Alf on Friday.  Hopefully my eye is cleared up of all redness and inflammation then.  And a few days after that I will be on my way to Redding for a much needed break from school.

Oh, by the way, here is a picture of me looking super hot (read: ridiculous) in an eyepatch.



  1. Ha! You should wear an eye patch at least once a week now. I mean, clearly you rock it.

    Iritis sounds like a made up disease. Like, I hurt my arm, so my arm has hurtitis. None the less, I'm glad the drops are helping some!

    My spring break just ended! Chico plans theirs around St Patty's Day because they hope everyone will leave town to do their drinking. I kind of wish it were later, since it felt a little presumptuous to have already taken break from the semester. The rest of the year is going to drag!

  2. Haha definitely. Friday is eyepatch day. :D

    That's totally what I thought when he said it. He left the room and I promptly Googled it. The picture on Wikipedia looked exactly like my eye. Apparently it's also called Uveitis, which sounds a little bit more medical-ly. I'm really glad the drops are helping, but I'll be glad when I don't have to use them anymore.

    Aw... How long until your semester ends? I know Simpson does their break really early and Shasta's was this last week. I'm glad my break is around Easter. It will be nice to spend the holiday with my family; I wouldn't get to see them if I didn't have a break from school.

  3. Sooper hot. :P Hope your break is a little more fun than mine was. I had to deal with a family health emergency. Nuff said. Well, I can tell you more, just not on here. :P

  4. Pants are overrated.

    Also, the Japanese name thing probably has something to do with whether they are second generation Asian-Americans. I have found that a lot of second generation-ers are given hyper-English sounding names or choose them for themselves as a form of assimilation. Or maybe he really did like Batman.

  5. @Tiffany- I hope everything is okay!

    @Lizzie- So true. By 'pants' I really meant 'sweatpants'. Could be. He's pretty old, so I would think his family moved here a while ago. He might have changed his name after he moved here, too. I just like the Batman theory. :)