Monday, May 23, 2011

Decaffeinated Death.

I’m still feeling a little irritated and minorly depressed.  But I know it’s just the result of the fact that I am worried and anxious. Plus, I have a pile of laundry to sort out/put away that is nearly as tall as me now.    

Really, that’s pretty impressive. 

I also accidentally dumped out my little plastic bag of panty liners near my schoolwork.  So every time I’ve needed a one in the last month I’ve had to try to find one underneath all my books and part of a pile of laundry. 

I can’t stand it when my space is this messy, but I haven’t had time to work on cleaning it in a while.  It’s not helping my stress levels.

And there’s the PMS.

Being a woman really blows sometimes.

Like, when birth control makes you crazy.  But not taking birth control makes you paranoid and crazy.  And you can’t decide which one is worse.

Speaking of PMS, I should probably monitor how I exercise when I’m upset.  Because even though my job is technically sedentary, I actually do have to move around a lot and it sucks to shuffle in pain instead of walk upright like a regular homo sapien.

Also annoying is having to explain to my boss why I look like a cripple.  As is his retaliation for my making fun of his back-out crazy-walk for the last month.

Probably should have thought that one through.

It’s okay.  I won’t in the future, either.  I never learn.

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I got maybe four hours, total.  I’m an eight hour girl.  My boss asked me a question twice and I didn’t even realize it until he pointed out that he forgot he already asked once.  I didn’t even bother to try to pretend I noticed he did it.  And he didn’t bother to ask why my eyes are puffy and so dark that I look like I’ve been brawling.

You know who should brawl?  The Brawny man and that Charmin bear.  I’m rooting for Brawny so that I don’t have to see the bear talking about how he gets little bits of toilet paper stuck to his ass again.

It’s one thing when my family talks about that kind of thing.  Coming from an unfamiliar fucking bear, I feel that’s a little more information than I really asked for.

Also, Brawny dude is kinda hot.  In that manly log cabin lumberjack kind of way.  He could totally take a bear.  Then make the bear into a rug that would lay in front of the fireplace in his log cabin.  Maybe not the kind with the head on it, though.  It would be kinda creepy to be all up in Brawny’s business, then look over and have the Charmin bear watching with that blank, dead taxidermy stare.

I suddenly feel as if I’ve taken this too far. 

How did I even get on this tangent, anyway?

Man, sometimes I wish I could drink caffeine again.


  1. Did I miss something? Why are you not consuming caffeine? Are you alright?

    I get really depressed towards the end of a semester, also. I am so looking forward to graduation.

    PMS sucks. :(

  2. Yeah, thanks for checking. :) I made it sound like caffeine in general, which is not completely the case. I can't drink regular coffee. The most caffeine I can manage is the amount in Coke. Otherwise I get really twitchy, sweaty, and sick. So I still drink decaf fancy coffee from time to time, and Coke. Coke is like my coffee. It still makes my stomach all acidic and angry, but I deal with it when I need to.

    It's just a lot to deal with at once. I get stressed and lock myself away, then I end up depressed because I'm not being social and I have to wait till finals are over to fix it. Are you graduating this semester? I can't even comprehend how exciting that would be.

    Boys just don't realize how easy their lives are sometimes.

  3. I'm glad you're okay! I am actually not graduating until May 2011 (from Chico State). What about you? You mentioned we might actually live kind of near each other, which is totally odd since I found your blog through my friend Cassie, who lives in OHIO! Lol.

  4. Still exciting; you only have a year left! What are you majoring in, if I may ask?

    That's so funny! It seems like a lot of the people I follow on Twitter are in the midwest, so I had a little happy attack when I realized you might be in California (I promise I won't stalk you; I was just excited that someone was finally near my little corner of the world). Right now I'm actually only about an hour away from you, but this fall I'm moving to the Modesto area for school.

  5. Except the bear rug would still have toilet paper cling-ons still stuck to its ass. :P

  6. Nah. They'd clean that off when they do weird taxidermy stuff to the hide. Otherwise there would be bearskin rugs all over the place with bearshit on them. Most bears don't know how to wipe.

  7. Horrah for Californian girls :)

    I'm majoring in Education/Teaching. I'll be applying for the California Teaching Credential combined Master's program soon, which is what I hope to be doing once I graduate.

    What about you? Modesto is a nice area!

  8. That's exciting!!! Is there something specific you plan/hope to teach?

    I am majoring in music (vocal performance [classical]) and minoring in accounting. Modesto is okay... I was really hoping I'd end up in Sacramento, but my decision was completely scholarship based.