Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink & Black

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to look at one of my Valentine’s past, in a semi-Scrooge-y way.

Sound great, right? 

I know.  I have the best ideas.

So, four years ago, I had semi-broken up with my boyfriend (who I actually didn’t want to leave) when I moved to another city five hours away.  I had been there a month on Valentine’s Day.  

We still talked all the time; we texted or IM-ed all day, and I would call him frequently as I walked to and from class.  We still said we loved each other.  We still seemed like we were in a relationship.

On Valentine’s Day I received a box of roses that he had ordered to be shipped to me, since he couldn’t come see me.  It was the best Valentine’s I had ever had up to that point in my life.

A week later, on Yahoo IM, he told me he had cheated on me.  Twice.  

The first time was with his most recent ex about a week after I officially became his girlfriend.  They fucked in her car and he kept it a secret from me for six months before finally telling me.  Over IM.  The second was within the last week or so (the details are a little fuzzy on that one because I was already so mad).  He fooled around with his old high school girlfriend.

He told me it would never happen again.

So, the next day I hacked his Myspace and read the messages he had sent her that day telling her they should do it again sometime soon.

My friend took me, my roses, and some matches to the beach.  We bought lighter fluid. 

Then this happened:



We may have taken pictures of the entire thing and sent them to him later that night, but I really just can’t be sure…

Then we wrapped the entire charred bouquet back up and let the tide carry it off into the night.

This is the first year I really truly haven’t been annoyed at the prospect of Valentine’s Day. I feel as if I’m becoming “perpetually single.”  And I am truly okay with that.  I have more important things to worry about that whether or not a man wants me.  I feel better about myself now than I ever have in a relationship.  Also, I can’t really hate a holiday, fake or not, that makes boxes of chocolate readily available to me in pretty much any retail location I visit.  Also, sometimes there are good V-Day lingerie sales and I am a huge sucker for sexy panties and Victoria’s Secret perfume.  

Since my two favorite colors are black and pink, and Valentine’s Day is very pink-appropriate, I decided to wear only those two colors today.  Down to my underwear.  No joke.  I am rocking the pink extensions, black CFM heels, and a pink and black flouncy tutu at work.  

Which officially makes this an awesome day.


Happy V-Day, everyone!


  1. Ugh! BOYS! Sometimes I just really don't GET it.

    I feel ya on the 'perpetually single' thing. I don't know whether to just shrug my shoulders and hug my cats a little bit closer or just admit defeat and deal with whatever comes when it comes. If it ever comes. Although I'm at the point..where I'm all 'eff you' relationships.

    PS - I love pink and black too! :)

  2. Ditto. Men (who are attracted to me) seem to be retarded in the relationship area. So I gave up. Which actually seems to be working out pretty well right now. I totally get more done.