Monday, February 21, 2011

Crisp and Clean

A couple years ago, I purchased my first bed.  Outside the twin bed I'd been sleeping on since I was two, of course.  But I can't really say I purchased that.  My parents did.  And, while I still loved that bed, I was twenty, about to move into my own place, and, since I'd been sleeping on it for eighteen years, my little twin bed wasn't really cutting it anymore.  It was pretty creaky and I had to sleep in a very specific place or I'd get jabbed in the rib.  I think the mattress was getting tired and cranky.  Really.  Really.  Cranky.

I had the money, so my parents convinced me to buy a new bed.  It was queen sized.  I still love it.

When I moved out, I took it with me and my then-boyfriend and I slept on it for almost the entire time we lived together.  It was the perfect size. 

I brought it with me when I left.

It’s still the perfect size.  For just me.  And the pillows I keep along the side.  I think I've mentioned those before.  I'm sure I will again.

My dog has his own bed.  But for some reason lately he's been trying to sleep on mine with me.  It is a little small for that.  He's there now...  Squashing my feet and making it unbearably hot under my covers.


He looks so content.


The thing about my bed is this: it's rather oddly sized.  Until my dad mentioned something about it the other night, I had forgotten my box springs are on the floor because it is so TALL.  At one point I had it in a loft frame, too.  Never.  Again.  I felt like I was one with the ceiling.

The other thing about my bed is that the mattress is super thick.  I love it because it's so comfy, but it ticks me off because I never have sheets that fit.

For three years, I've been using mix and match sheets I stole out of my parents' linen closet.  The pockets on the standard queen sheets are just not deep enough for my insanely thick mattress.  So they get all pissy and slip up.  And I end up pushing my fitted sheet to the corners of my bed every night so I'm not sleeping on the bare mattress.  Because that's just gross. 

Sometimes I use king-sized sheets.  This almost works because the pockets fit better.  But I have to fashion sheet suspenders with zip ties, bubble gum, and rubber bands in order to McGuyver my sheets into even remotely wanting to stay in one spot.  Instead of wadding up in the middle.  Where I sleep.  Because they are king-sized assholes. 

Last night, I finally broke down and bought a set of sheets.

They are very specifically mine that I did not steal from anyone's linen closet. 

They are light green.  They are Ralph Lauren.  They are 100% cotton.  And, most importantly, they are perfect.  The pockets, I mean.  The sheets are awesome in general.  But color and thread count were quite honestly not my primary concern in this purchase. 

The pockets, however.  BIG concern.  And they fit just like a glove.

A big, square, elastic edged, green, cotton-y bed-glove. 



I think I'm in love.


Last night my dog woke me up five times.  Not because he wanted outside.  Because he didn't want to sleep in HIS bed.  He wanted to sleep in MY bed.  ON ME.



  1. YAYYY!!! Can't wait for our next sleepover now, I don't know how it's possible but it may be even more awesome than usual... :)

  2. Uh... YES!

    The best part is, the fitted sheet is still in the same place!

    Oh, I'm so freaking excited.