Thursday, February 17, 2011

The cranks.

The parking lot at my work has turned into a river I will have to wade across to get to my car this afternoon.

I was trying to write a post about how I hate that restaurants are now adding caloric information to their menus and it completely ruins my eating-out experience.  But I suddenly started feeling icky.

Like, sinus/head weirdness icky.

It's snowing everywhere around me.  It was snowing at my house when I left this morning.  But not at my work.  Which is weird because my work is at a higher elevation than my work.  But, no.

I have to find a reed to breathe through to get across the freaking Nile to my car and everyone else is all frolicking and happy and shit.

No.  I'm not cranky at all.  Shut up.

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