Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heinz 57... Catching up.

So, this week I’ve had a paper and a test in one class and a speech due in another.  Work has also been surprisingly busy.   Which is why it’s been a little longer than usual since my last blog.  

Sorry, my love.   (You know who you are.)

Let’s catch up, okay?

My hands are super dry right now.  I’m sure I’m not drinking enough water, but I’ve been drinking a little more than usual, so I don’t understand why my hands are even MORE dry.  Advice?  Anyone?  

I purchased my first pair of those sweater leggings.  I’ve been avoiding them for over a year now and finally caved.  

Holy crap, people!  Why have I not been wearing these, you know, since birth?!  I may never wear pants again.  I’m not even joking…  Except that I did wear pants yesterday.  But I made the no-pants decision this morning, so yesterday doesn’t count.  Unless it gets really cold.  In which case, I might wear pants. 

Maybe I should start working out more often for this plan to come together.

My thighs leave a little something to be desired and I could definitely stand to decrease some of the space occupied by my boo-tay.  Not that I don’t look good in leggings.  And not that I will stop wearing them just because my ass is not tiny.  They are far too comfortable for that.  

Hello, salad and leg lifts.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I was going to start jogging?  Yeah.  Haven’t done that yet.  I’ve been trying to walk my dog when I have time to do that, at least.  He’s loving it.  In all reality, so am I.  I need to keep my blood moving.  And I’m determined to wear the bathing suit top I just bought this summer.  It’s hot pink leopard print.  Eat your hearts out.  (I don’t really understand that phrase.  Why would you eat your own heart?  And what should you eat it with?  A spoon, perhaps?  Are you eating it out of a bowl or your ribcage?)

Part of my problem is that I always have things to do.  I was going to jog Saturday.  I ended up running errands with my mom, then going to dinner with one of my besties and the ‘rents.  (Thought spring rolls would be safe because I don’t like the pork egg rolls…  Was WRONG.  Apparently I can only tolerate cabbage when it’s more soggy and less crispy.)  Also, it’s not so fun to jog when you just had coffee.  For me, at least.  I don’t like the dairy-running feeling.   Then we went out with another friend…  Until, like, 2 AM.

Sunday I went to church, had an awesome brunch, then took a two hour nap.  It was fabulous.  Except for the four hours of laundry.

In other news, I’m considering another piercing.  I already know what tattoo I want next and where I’m going to put it.  

If anyone has an opinion on either of those things, I’d love to hear it.  Really. 
Promise I’ll write a better post either tomorrow or Saturday, okay?

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