Friday, February 10, 2012

Losing Steam.

Churro recently discovered the joys of sitting on the couches in the living room with the rest of us.  Mostly because his mom gave him her old laptop when he went home last weekend and now he doesn't have to be in his room to be on a computer. 

Even though he probably could have used his iPad.  Laptops are still better.  Every time I touch an iPad I feel as though my hands have been coated in KY and it's going to fly out of my hands and shatter into no less than a billion pieces before it even hits the carpet.  Which totally makes sense.  Because iPads are constantly breaking apart.  On carpet.

My other roommate actually has a Mac, too.  But since everyone else was downstairs with a laptop, he dug out his netbook and decided to join us.  It's actually been a pretty week as a result of this.  I feel like we're actually connecting with each other instead of just living together. 

We had a few hours between classes today, which provided me a window of time during which I was able to catch up on a couple of blogs I've been missing in the last few months.  And it gave me a chance to write a post!

So, hello, there!

This year continues to be kinda weird.

Last weekend I went on another waxing expedition with Oose.  This time was not nearly so bad.  Or strange. 

We went to a different place this time and the waxer wasn't quite so...  OCD, let's say.  She was younger and really comfortable talking with us about anything.  Which is good.  Because we tend to lack any kind of boundaries. 

She also didn't touch my anus, so that was a big plus.

This makes it sound as though I wasn't particularly fond of the waxer we had last time, which isn't true.  I just wasn't a fan of what I paid her.

The difference between first and second wax was so extreme that I didn't even need Desatin this time.  Or frozen peas.  And my yoni was actually pretty soft.  I'm so used to shaving that I still expect to have prickly hair nubs poking at my skin trying to escape and be all itchy and unsightly again.  But it just doesn't happen.

Waxing is awesome.

In other news, I heard from Bambi again this week.  He said he was leaving his girlfriend because he didn't think he could "take it anymore."  He also emailed me a video of her trying to get through the bedroom doors he'd apparently locked himself behind.  It was like that scene in the original version of The Haunting where everyone is locked in the den and the doors start bending in. 

Then she called me to scream at me.  I'm guessing she lifted my number from his cell phone.  After he got it the second time I changed it after I left him, I just didn't deal with changing it again.  I wonder if maybe I should change it now, but then I'd have to give everyone I know my new number and, on top of that, I'd have to learn a new number myself.  Not exactly on my list of things I want to have to deal with this semester.

I guess my ex's crazy ex isn't either.  So, we'll see if she calls me to yell at me again.

I know I shouldn't be worried or even care about him, but I can't help it.  I don't want to be involved in the situation but I also don't want him to die.  I've come up with three potential possibilities: 1- He left and now doesn't have a phone or computer, so that's why he can't tell me he's not dead.  2- He is dead.  3- He ended up staying with her and just isn't talking to me because she doesn't want him to.

I have a feeling it's option three.

I think that makes me sad because it means he's trapped with her like I was with him. 

If I want to be completely honest it also makes me a little sad because I don't want him to love anyone but me.  But I don't want to be completely honest because that makes me selfish and it also probably means that deep down I'm always going to have feelings for him.

Which makes me feel like shit.


Okay.  I'm going to deal with the pile of laundry in front of my desk that makes me look as though I belong on an episode of hoarders.  And do some homework.  And maybe take a nap.

Definitely not in that order.


  1. Missed you around the blogging parts! But, I know. The semester is a crazy time. Over here, too.

    Bambi is such a confusing situation. I don't even have words anymore.

    I am jealous of your...yoni? Lmao. Maybe I should give waxing another go.

  2. When I got the chance, I went straight to your blog lol. :)

    Bambi is... Confusing. Yes. Hopefully it's more car crash rubbernecking confusing and less oh my God shut up.

    I would definitely say I'm an advocate of waxing now. The first time hurts but the second is at least two billion times better. It's smoother, less time consuming, less itchy, and I haven't been getting yeast infections like I used to. It also cuts down on razor burn and ingrown hairs.