Friday, September 30, 2011

The "I Can't Sleep" Update.

I am having an amazing day.

Well, except for that little issue I had during choir rehearsal.  Sometimes if I sleep in a new way or I have a really stressful event (especially in the morning) it sets off an emergency bathroom issue.  Which is what happened. 

It seems like it's been happening every time I eat this week and I can't explain why, other than maybe it has something to do with my not eating very much all of last week.  Either I work a lot and don't have time to eat consistently or I eat and don't get all my work done when I need to.


It feels as if having my cat here has made a world of difference for me.  I forget sometimes how attached I am to him.  He's finally starting to come out of my room more (though he obviously thinks of it as his domain in there) and venture downstairs for longer.  He is even starting to respond to my roommates, which was something I was a little concerned about for a couple of days. 

I was also afraid he would get depressed from such a dramatic change, but he seems to be okay.  Of course, when I'm not as school I'm pretty much constantly giving him attention.  Or I'll bring him downstairs and someone else will. 

I thought he was spoiled before, but I can tell this is going to get pretty ridiculous.

In other news, Saturday is Oose's 21st birthday.  One of my roommates (Churro) and I will be traveling to Santa Cruz to celebrate with her this weekend.  I'm at least as excited as she is.  I've tried to downplay it, but I've been waiting for this day since I turned 21.  It's definitely more fun when your soul sister can go dancing with you.

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