Thursday, September 22, 2011


If you are easily grossed out by the functions of female reproductive organs, you probably want to stop reading now. In fact, I don't think you ever want to read anything here. Ever again.

Today I finally feel like I might be starting to come out of my funk. I don't know if it's the fact that I've been getting more sleep the last couple of days while trying to fight off a head cold or if it's because I'm going to visit my parents' tomorrow for the first time since I moved. It's only been about six weeks, but it feels like so much longer.

Actually, I think it's more that I'm bringing my cat home from my parents' when I come back on Sunday. I miss him very much.

Anyway, I felt like I glossed over my San Francisco trip a bit when I talked about it yesterday. While the main purpose of the trip was to see Blue October on Friday night (I'm still reveling in how amazing they were), Oose and I had a lovely day together Saturday before parting ways and heading to our respective homes.

We stayed at the Columbus Motor Inn on Columbus in the city. Since the garage was very small we were given one parking space and I ended up parking on the street. After the concert Friday night we managed to snag a metered spot across the street from the hotel in which to park my car. The only downside was that I would have to get up at 9 AM and put money in the meter.

I set my alarm for 8:52 so that I would have enough time to find some change, put on my jeans, and lace up my Converse.

This is the point at which I share too much personal information and everyone runs away, leaving me awkward and alone.

Since I'm not taking birth control I have only a vague idea of when my period will start. On the pill it was every Thursday of the fourth week of the packet. Now it's sometime around the middle of the end of the fourth week, maybe. If it feels like it. Which is frustrating for me because I've spent most of the last five-ish years of my life on the pill. I've pretty much forgotten how to keep track of my period; the only reason I had an idea of when it would start is that my last one was right after I moved. I'm turning into one of those women in movies that doesn't realize she's pregnant for three months because she's been too busy to realize she hasn't had her period in a while.

I knew that I was supposed to start last week. I assumed it would be Friday morning because sometimes Mother Nature is a dick and has to ruin my awesome plans. Luckily that did not happen.

It happened Saturday morning. As I was crossing Columbus to put change in the meter.

I checked to make sure I wasn't bleeding when I changed. Just in case I needed to take a precautionary measure before waltzing out of the hotel. And I wasn't. Then.

So I fed the meter and decided (half asleep still) that I would take the stairs back up to the room because we were only on the first floor (there was an office floor between us and the lobby, so there were four short flights of stairs) and the hotel elevator was excruciatingly slow.

Somehow my foot slipped off the second step on the third flight of stairs, causing me to fall up the stairs.

I know. I'm so talented.

I landed on my left knee and rolled my left ankle a little bit, which made me nervous because I tore a ligament in it years ago and I just keep injuring it. Fortunately for my ankle, my knee took the brunt of my weight in the fall.

I picked my pride up off the staircase and gimped the rest of the way up to the room, where I told Oose I fell up the stairs. And she laughed at me. Not that I blame her; I would have laughed at her, too. I cleaned up my skinned knee and found a tampon in my luggage. Then we walked to breakfast.

After breakfast we drove across the Golden Gate and drove out to investigate Fort Barry. We had to get out and wander around the batteries and some of the bunkers, etc. Which was awesome on the knee that I could hardly bend. But I was unwilling to let it interfere with our adventure. Except that I kept whining about it.

Then we wandered around Ghirardelli Square and over to the Musee Mecanique before heading back into the city to find the parking garage where Oose had parked her car. Since we hadn't written down the name of the garage, we had to find the curvy part of Lombard street and figure out where it was from there.

Ultimately we found it and both of us made it home safe. A little bruised, a little changed, and a little happier than when we had arrived in the city the night before.

At least, I like to think so.

By the way, my knee is healing quite well. I just have a nice green bruise right below my kneecap. It's hot.


  1. At first I thought you were going to tell some disaster story about being on your period, but I'm glad you had fun in SF. I'm going this Sunday to see Turandot at the AT&T Stadium.

  2. It would have been if I hadn't been kind of anticipating it. It just sucked because I knew I started but I didn't know how heavy it was at onset, so I was afraid of how fast I was going to bleed through my clothing. Then I fell on the stairs. So the whole day my knee was killing me to walk on and I had cramps. It wasn't ideal, but it was still an amazing day.

    I considered doing that, but we went to the opera in the park thing in August, so I decided against it. Also, I didn't hear about it until after I'd already made plans to go to my parents' this weekend.

  3. I thought there was going to be some kind of crazy climax to the period story, lmao. You're a goof. But I'm glad you had tons of fun!

  4. You know, I think there was going to be. But I was on cold medicine when I wrote this yesterday... So that didn't happen. :D