Friday, April 15, 2011

Technological Retardation

I feel like I haven’t been writing enough.  And that kills me.  I truthfully just haven’t had the time or mental capacity this week. 

I desperately wanted to post pictures from my fabulous trip and I haven’t.  This is partly because I have, like, four on my cell phone (from which it would be pretty easy to retrieve and post them), and partly because I have to take the rest off my camera.  I also haven’t had time to edit them.

By edit I mean crop them and try a bunch of films and shit that I always decide to take off.  So, crop them.  And maybe put on a nice border.

Another problem is that my desktop computer, which I’d been using for picture and document storage for at least three years, died last year.  

Like, it doesn’t turn on. 

At all.  



This means I still have photos on my camera from last March. 

Funny story.

I hadn’t used my camera for a while and I wanted to charge it before I left last weekend, just to be safe.  Because, you know, I was going to use it a lot (*snort*).  But I couldn’t get it to charge.  Or turn on.  So I bought a new battery (camera batteries are expensive bullshit) and charged it for probably seven minutes while packing my toiletries right before I left. 

Charging a battery right after purchasing it totally doesn’t sound like me, I know.  Putting the battery in my camera and trying to take a picture directly after purchasing said battery, then assuming my camera was suddenly fucked up, getting pissed, leaving it at home, sending my brother a text about how I hate technology and my camera is broken 200 miles later (after fuming over it for three hours or so), only to come home after two days to find that the technology fairy fixed my camera as my brother laughs at me and asks if I thought to charge it before using it does sound like me.  He has techno-joy.  I have him.

Lucky for me the guy at the battery store was looking out.

Maybe it was the fact that I handed him my old battery and just said, “My camera is dead” that clued him in on the fact that I should not be operating heavy machinery.  Or probably even light machinery.

So, when I turned my camera on after charging it for the least amount of time I thought I could get away with, I looked at the pictures on it.

I discovered two things.

One:  I have quite a few inappropriate (but not necessarily nude, you perverts) photos on there that I don’t want just chilling on any old computer.

Two:  I have a ton of photos from my uncle’s memorial service last may that I totally forgot about.  Oops. 

I’ve actually been intending to purchase a new laptop because my old one hates me (the feeling is sort of mutual, you bag of douche…why won’t you let me watch movies anymore?!) and because I need an actual functioning computer for when I move and start attending real school in the fall.  This would be an ideal place for me to upload the pictures from my camera to, but I don’t have it yet.  I’m hoping this weekend I’ll find one I want.

My main problem on the laptop front is that I have standards and I want everything.  Actually, I want a laptop in a pretty color, maybe a little larger than a netbook in size, with a cd/dvd drive.  A built in camera would be totally nice, too, because then I can Skype with something that is not my phone and might therefore be less inclined to torment me because it doesn't know me yet.  And I don’t want to pay a shit-ton of money for it.

So, wish me luck on that quest.

I'm open to ideas.

That's not true.  I'm open to good ideas.

 Any good ideas?

At this point, I’m starting to wonder how I even manage to operate this blog.  Somehow, I’m afraid.

Maybe you should be, too.

One day I will crash the internet and you will all know who is to blame.

So, sorry for that.  In advance.


  1. You might try taking your computer to Nerds on Call and having them run a (free) hardware diagnostic on it. There's a possibility that your desktop just needs a new power supply. If it is the power supply, I'm sure several people around could install a new one for you. (Raises hand)

    As for the new laptop, you can buy skins to re-color it if you find one that has the options you want in the wrong color. And USB video cameras can be bought for as little as $10.

    I hope some of that helps.

  2. I might need to do that. I had my brother look at it and I think he tried to replace the power supply, but it didn't fix the problem.

    Never once did the idea of skins occur to me. You are a genius. Genius, I say!

    I think part of the problem is that I'm having difficulty deciding if I want a netbook or an actual laptop. I haven't gone to a physical store to look at my options yet (I plan to do that tonight), so perhaps that will help me.

    Also, don't be surprised if I start bugging you with random questions about why things don't work like I think they should or expect them to. :) Thanks for your help, Amber.