Thursday, April 7, 2011

Babble, Baby.

I have a biology lab tonight.

I really, really desperately don’t want to go to it. 

I was sick during my spring break, so I didn’t really get one.  As a result of that and the residual sicky weirdness, I have barely been able to function scholastically this week.  English I can do perfectly fine while being possessed by a demon, vomiting pea soup onto a priest, and jabbing a crucifix at my naughty bits.   

Anything else I might be required to do while not at full mental capacity and I am FUCKED. 

Also, my biology teacher is Russian.  As in, from Russia.  Her English sometimes does not make sense and she doesn’t understand the difference between work in Russian schools and work in the school I attend.  Or that she is teaching a transfer-level class at a community college. 

The lecture portion of class is fascinating—if I can stay awake (I have a really hard time just sitting and listening to someone talk without automatically falling asleep…  Actually, I have a hard time just sitting without falling asleep).  The lab portion makes me want to die on a weekly basis.

I can never skip because every class is worth a shit ton of points.  So I’m stuck in biology for about four hours every Thursday night.  Counting minutes.

This week is going to suck more than usual.

Let’s list reasons why, shall we?

I am super sleepy and still recovering from my illness last week.  It was everything I could do not to fall asleep while still mostly paying attention and texting for the entire hour and a half of my lecture on Tuesday.  And I was less tired then.

Stalin-ess told us what the lab would entail Tuesday night.  It’s going to take FOREVER.  Which is not something I honestly have the mental capacity for right now.  I have the mental capacity for…  Pudding.  And Ghostbusters. 

You know what would be awesome while watching Ghostbusters?  That marshmallow cream shit.  Over brownies. 

Fuck, I need chocolate.  I’m stressed out to the point that the knowledge of the size of my ass doesn’t make me want the brownies any less.

Lastly, I can’t concentrate on shit right now because I have plans to go to Santa Cruz for the weekend and I am SOEXCITEDICAN’TCONTAINMYSELF!  If I can get my camera to work (for some reason it won’t turn on even though I charged it for, like, ever), I will hopefully have tons of lovely photos from my one-ish day vacation at pretty much my favorite place on the planet.  Not a day goes by that I don’t consider abandoning my current life to go live there again.

If only I could not go to class, take a nap tonight, finish my laundry, and leave work at noon instead of four tomorrow, this would be the perfect start to the weekend.  Alas, none of those things will happen. 

So, I’m using Santa Cruz as incentive to get through class tonight.

Maybe I can find a way to get out of having to participate a lot.  Though, from the lab description she gave Tuesday, that seems unlikely.

Eight more weeks.

I can totally do this.

I think.

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