Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bunny Day

I had so many great ideas for a post today.

The history of the actual Easter story and how our current customs came to be. 

An explanation of what Easter means to me and why this year is the end of everything I associate the holiday with.

Even an analysis of the lyrics to "Baby Got Back" (which I am totally *not* listening to right now).

None of those are going to be written about (by me) today.

Why, you ask?  Because I've already had a fairly significant amount of vodka and cannot think well enough to actually write about those things.  I'm mostly focusing on words that kind of make sense together and getting rid of the squiggly, red, you've-spelled-it-wrong-you-fucking-idiot line underneath words. 

Originally, this had been intended to help me get over my anxiety issues and socialize.  But, alas, Easter plans were sort of ended abruptly and without my knowledge. 

So, here I sit.  Eating pretzels and wondering how I'm going to finish the rest of the excessive amount of Cosmopolitan I made. 

At least I have excellent company.

Happy Easter, everyone!

(Yay!  I spelled most things right!  I think.)

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