Thursday, November 3, 2011

Over the Hump... Finally.

I just realized that I hardly think about Bambi anymore.  Obviously because I thought about him.  But I was thinking about not thinking about him, so that only kind of counts.  I think. 

I also realized that when I do think about him, or even if I need to talk about him, it doesn't occur to me to actually call him Bambi anymore.  I had to remind myself to do it when I started typing just so I didn't give away his true identity. 

I feel like that's a courtesy to the people I talk about in my blogs, to not use their names.  Anyone who already knows will know who I am talking about, but any random nobody trolling the interwebs won't.  It makes me feel like I'm doing my part to protect those I love.  Also, it gives me a chance to use the nicknames that I come up with for just about everyone.  And who doesn't want that?

It probably gets confusing when I have multiple nicknames for people, though.  I would guess.

It's three AM and I have to get up at seven.


Not only did I have a bunch of homework (didn't quite finish) and work-work (finished the important stuff) to take care of, but my wannabe A.D.D. flared up big time tonight and I 'tarded out listening to the Yoshida Brothers.  Then my friend told me to listen to City and Color.  On the upside I have some great new music.  On the downside...  Shiny!

I want to go dancing this weekend. 

It smells like garlic outside.  For no reason. 

I mean, I guess that's better than cow shit.  But, still.  I hate Modesto.  I love some of the people I've gotten to know here, though.  And I love being two hours from Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

I still miss my mom and my dog and I miss working and not being a full time student. 

Did I mention I have to get up at seven?  And that it's three now?

I'm just going to fall into the world's shortest coma now.

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