Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Target is Magic.

I just discovered that you can pay Target to schedule deliveries to your house.

As in, Target will deliver diapers.  To you.  At your house.

I'm assuming this is like a pizza delivery where you have to live close to the Target for them to do it.  You can't live 10 or more minutes out of town like I always did.  Which, by the way is awesome in almost every way but having pizza delivered.

It's funny because I've lived in town in apartments for the last few years and I very rarely have pizza delivered because it's kind of expensive and the pizza place is usually just a few blocks from me.  I don't even have to put real pants on to go pick it up if I don't want to (let's be honest, I pretty much never want to).  It's worth it to me to go pick it up.

Except when I lived out of town with my parents it was kind of an ordeal to go pick up pizza.  We'd practically draw straws over who was going to pick it up.  12 minutes there, 12 minutes back, and you'd have to time when you left perfectly or you had zero shot at remotely hot pizza.

And yet I'm still considering moving somewhere just a bit out of town again.

Because of the changes in my diet I don't care as much about the fact that my pizza might need to be reheated when I get home.  I actually don't really care if my food isn't exactly the "right" temperature, anyway.

Unless it's soup or salad.  Cold soup = bleck and hot salad = uck.

I don't eat fast food anymore, so I'm much less worried about the fact that my french fries will be a little cold by the time I get them home.  I don't eat pizza much, either, and if I'm lucky I can bribe Yoshi to make better pizza than I can get at a shop (except Old Chicago in Petaluma because oh my God).

That being said, I hope Target does deliver to just outside of town.  Because someday I hope to have children.  And someday I'm probably going to be down to the last diaper with a blowout in progress and I will need someone to bring me diapers.  So, it's either Target or I have to make some really nice friends.

Also, it would save me from actually shopping in Target, which is only a problem because I like going to Target.  If they sold yarn it would be the perfect store.

Actually, if they deliver to my house maybe it's best they don't sell yarn, anyway.

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