Wednesday, January 14, 2015

If I Were a Rich (Wo)man.

It’s been six weeks since my last haircut, which is kind of a problem now that my hair is short again because it means that it’s time for another haircut.  This wouldn’t be an issue if I trusted randoms to cut my hair, but I don’t so much. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was fine popping into Mastercuts once in a while when I had short hair because I can even out a few strands here and there when I have long hair with no bangs.  But now I have a short a-line with bangs and I don’t trust anyone with that shit. 

Except my hairdresser.

Who lives in FarNorCal.

Three and a half hours away from me.

Even though gas is super cheap, I’m also (hopefully more temporarily than it has been) pretty poor right now, which makes it difficult for me to justify a trip to Redding to get my hair cut.  Even if it does mean I get to see my parents.

I was feeling bad about this earlier and thinking about how much I want a cut and how I want to dye my hair auburn and put some kind of fuscia/red in it when I remembered that one of my coworkers had mentioned his wife does hair several months ago when I first got my short cut.  So I sent him a message and asked about it; he gave me her number and the name of her shop so I could look it up.

Which I did.

And it’s fancy.

Just a standard women’s haircut is $65.

Fuck me, $65 for a haircut? 

The whole reason I couldn’t justify going to Norcal was the expense.  For like $20 more than that haircut I could spend a day with my family, too!

I wish I could just magic myself there so I didn’t have to pay for the gas or drive for 8 hours.  Then I could hang out and get my hair cut.

But no. 

I decided to move to the Bay Area, where a one bedroom apartment costs more each month than the three bedroom townhouse I rented in Turlock when I went to school.  Half the square feet, twice the rent.  And I’m not even in the city.

It’s sad, but things like this make me seriously question how much I really want to spend my life here.  The expense and the traffic are really the only two things I have a problem with, but they’re big problems.  I’ve had it take me 40 minutes to drive the 15 miles from my work to my apartment.

And you basically have to be making a six-figure income to afford anything decent, as far as square footage and living conditions are concerned.

I feel like I’m just incredibly frustrated about everything lately. 

Probably the fact that I just got a decent raise at work and I still apparently can’t afford a haircut could have something to do with it.


  1. Sometimes it seems the more money you make, the more broke you actually become because you have to use that money for things you need and have been putting off. So you feel as broke as before but maybe this time with health insurance...

    1. True. That is definitely a nice change from a year ago, at least. And it's nice to have a consistent income again. But the main problem right now is that this area is so expensive. Like, what I pay to rent a small apartment in even a semi-decent area is ridiculous. It's not quite as bad as living in San Francisco itself, but it's still pretty expensive. And if rent wasn't so high other things would be more affordable.