Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cats, Man. Cats.

Let me just start this out by saying I am poor.  Like, very poor.  Literally college student poor.

Last Friday I woke up to the sound of my carpet being scratched in an area of my room my cats never scratch.  

I wasn't wearing my glasses, but I sat up to yell at Sammy, who was doing the scratching.  Then I saw he was trying to use the invisible litter that comes out of the carpet to cover up...  Something.

Something stinky.

So I put my glasses on, got paper towels, a bag, and some Lysol, and went to work.  All the while trying not to gag.  

Then I realized there was a liquid portion to the goop that could only be blood.  Lots o'blood.  Sammy had been acting pretty normally and I hadn't found blood in his stool before, but I could tell he still felt a little shitty.  So I found a vet in town and took him over.  

$88 later I was sent home with what I'm pretty sure is children's amoxicillin (because I had to take that as a kid and it looks and smells exactly the same as I remember) and something to make his tummy less bloated and gassy.  

Cats are expensive.  

I am now more poor.

But my kitten feels better.  So...  Worth it.

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