Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Alone.

Someday I hope I'm able to trust men again.  I miss feeling like any man that acts as if he wants more than friendship from me is just going to want sex and nothing else. 

I almost miss the completely overwhelming fear of intimacy I was all but crippled by a year ago.  But now I've moved on from that.  I've actually just moved on.

I think after this semester I'm realizing that I'm actually ready to date again.  I'm just really afraid to because every man I've met in the last year has only wanted casual sex from me, which I am most definitely not interested in.

On that note, I guess it's time for me to bake some cookies.


  1. I'm happy you feel like you're moving forward, even if it's frustrating. Don't feel rushed. Sex is good, but nothing beats a nice cookie. You're a delightful person!

  2. Thanks, guys. :)
    I'm much better off now than I was even six months ago. I'm just nervous because I don't want to be in a crappy relationship again. So I'm afraid to be in a place where men are actually asking me out. :/

  3. Jon didn't want casual sex... he's just a commitment-phobe. But I understand your feeling. By the time I started dating Eric, I was so jaded by douche bags who wouldn't even talk to me if I wasn't willing to make out with them within 10 minutes of meeting them that I was convinced it wasn't going to work out with us, but I took a shot anyway. And here we are.

  4. Sorry about that... I think it is a common issue for guys to be commitment-phobes, but to me sex just over complicates things period. Glad you're feeling better. Keep moving forward; you can do it.