Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm Too Tired to Edit This. Or Think of a Witty Title.

I feel like such a bad blogger lately.  

Between trying to get ready to move my stuff next weekend and tying up all my loose ends for work so my boss can find things while I’m gone, I just haven’t given much thought to writing.  I haven’t even been going out that much. 

I’m tired all the time.  I’m stressed out.  I feel as if I’m barely functioning.

I wish there was a packing fairy that could sort through all my crap for me. 

Speaking of sorting through my crap, if anyone is in need of books, I have a ton of them.  I sorted through all my books Sunday and I have a giant box of books to either give away or take to a used bookstore.  I have a few textbooks, as well, but most of them are from my last round at college and are more than five years old.

I have a few shoes and articles of clothing I am parting with, as well. 

That’s pretty much as far as I’ve made it. 

Okay, honestly, I haven’t been packing so much as thinking about packing.  I went through a couple categories of items this weekend in a big burst of “let’s get this shit done.”  Then I lost it Sunday night.  The last two days I’ve spent watching old movies and crocheting while trying to avoid packing altogether. 

I did do some laundry yesterday.  I’m proud of myself for that. 

And I watched An Affair to Remember for the first time. I cried.  Just a little bit.  At the end.  Because I was talking when the actual sad part happened. 

I know what I should be doing.  I just hate packing and living out of boxes.  So I’m putting it off.

In other news, I did not know that a roadrunner was actually a type of bird.  I thought it was just the cartoon character’s name and it was a really fast weird-looking turkey or something. 

Imagine my surprise.


  1. Yeah, Butte College's mascot is a roadrunner. I went there for a few years and still kind of thought it was a cartoon.