Sunday, August 14, 2011

Excuse me... What?

So, yesterday I moved most of my stuff.  Today, I'm in denial about all the stuff I still have to go through and pack up; the stuff I'm not taking that needs to go into storage or something.  Therefore, I've been sitting on the couch most of the day thinking, trying not to nap, and watching bad tv because I'm too lazy to pick up the other remote and put Netflix on.

Right now I'm starting what appears to be a Sex and the City marathon on the Style network.  Which, despite my love for Sex and the City, I only started watching because I got sucked into Tia and Tamara.

I just can't resist reality shows based on former child stars I liked when I was a child myself.  In this case, Sister/Sister.

Then I saw this commercial.

I realize I'm not watching the Disney channel or anything.  But, seriously?


I just saw this commercial, though.  Much better.  Now if only someone could force a couple doughnuts down the throats of all Victoria's Secret models.


  1. "Men have died for it".

    LMFAO. Deadly vaginas. That's top notch.

  2. I know! I was watching it thinking, "Okay... Seriously, where is this goi-what? Oh, no."

    It's not like I was offended, because practically nothing offends me, but it still seemed a little... Weird. Off-putting, perhaps.