Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Itch to Scratch.

I hate moving. 

I haven’t even had to do it that much yet and I already hate it. 

The last two times I moved it was just across town.  I could make, like, five trips in a row with my little car and if I forgot something, it was no big deal.  I’d just drive back one more time and get the thing I needed.

When I moved to Santa Cruz I really only needed to worry about my clothing.  So it was more like packing for a really long vacation than actually moving.

This time I have to get all my shit four hours away.  And it’s four of the most painfullying boring fucking hours of driving I think I’ve ever experienced consecutively.

An hour of four-lane highway with a giant center divider between them.  Sometimes there are grungy buildings on the side of the highway.  At one point there are train tracks and every so often there is a train on them.  Okay, more often than not a train seems to be on them.  But the best thing about the train is the graffiti on it, which is not so great because I like to look at the graffiti and it distracts me from driving.  Then I realize I’m moving and the train is moving and it’s pretty much all I can do not to yak on my steering wheel.  Stupid motion sickness.

There are some trees and bushes on the side of the road and in the center divider, too.  Not nice ones.  But, still.  It’s not like I have high expectations for the aesthetic appeal of the Stockton/Modesto area.  I have high expectations for the Mexican food and smell of manure. 

I think the most annoying part of this move is that I can’t wait until I get to move again…  To somewhere fabulous.  Like San Francisco, maybe. 

I know you’re wondering why I’m moving somewhere I don’t seem to want to live; I’m stuck moving to a Podunk town in an area I hate for school.  My theory is that I will get out of there faster because I don’t want to be there.  That’s good incentive, right?

This is the point at which I start begging God to let me become an amazing singer at this school so that I can sing with a major opera company and become more famous than Joan Sutherland (may she rest in peace).  

In other news, my side itches like crazy.  It's mostly done peeling, thank goodness.  But it's still tender-ish and healing.  Someone smacked it as a joke last night.  I think it was supposed to hurt, but, since I can't scratch the tattoo, it felt fucking amazing.  I guess it's a good think I have fair skin and was therefore forced to learn how to cope with sunburns, or I could not handle getting tattoos.

Happy Hump Day, all!


  1. Imagine you have to drive from Turlock/Modesto to Redding and back every other weekend, but you have to add an extra hour of even more desolate and boring road that winds through mountains and has really, really scary suspension bridges that you have to drive over, and the only consolation is that the road is practically empty so you can drive 90 and take your chances at just flying off the side of a cliff.

    ....that was my first year of college in Sonora, California, about an hour east of Modesto.

    Turlock isn't so bad.

  2. Yipes!! Don't let anyone smack your tattoo for a while, or the ink can actually get blotchy. I feel like its taking waaay too long for me to move, considering I've been preparing for literally months.

  3. I know the drive you speak of, and ugh! Sorry, it's awful.

    I'm assuming this means you have your ducks in a row though, with a new place to live all lined up. Kudos on that!

    You still have not explained the tattoo's meaning.

  4. @Flicker-- It's not like I intentionally let him do it. It's taking all my willpower not to scratch it. :( That's why it seems like it's taking so long, I bet. You've been preparing for so long it seems like you should be there already.

    @Patty-- Mostly. I found a place, but they have to process our application. Right now my fingers are crossed, figuratively speaking. You are correct! I'll do that soon. Maybe today.

  5. Yeah, and I still can't start moving anything in until the 15th. >.>

  6. Of July? That's not bad; it just sucks when you're already moved in your mind. Wait! That's like three days now! Yay! Our move-in date is the 23rd and I won't officially move until the 15th (ish) of August. So, that should be interesting.