Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bad Repairs.

Repairs in my apartment complex start at 8:30 AM.

I am still on winter break.

Today they were apparently replacing the edging on all the windows.  

I know this because I woke up to banging noises coming from my patio.  So I laid in bed for a little while and played a game on my cell phone.  About a half an hour later they managed to make it to my bedroom window.

The head of my bed is under the window but the headboard doesn't actually touch the windowsill.  Which lead me to be a little concerned by how much the bed was moving while the workers outside were nailing the new edging onto the outer wall.

Also, I came home from spending a couple of weeks at my parents house to find this on my patio.

 photo 189cf796-5016-4647-ba2c-c2d52a37bfd8_zps6bf8d6ea.jpg

This is one of two support beams that now attaches to the cement slab on my patio from the upstairs patio.  This wouldn't be a problem, except that neither of the couches currently in my living room fit through the only other door with access to the outside of the apartment.  We got both couches, my bed, and the dining room table in through the patio.

The gate opens to the pole.  And that's it.

I don't know how we will be able to move out.  Ever.

In short, the people in charge of repairs and renovations for this complex are stupid.  They are big stupid poopy heads.


  1. wow. That, just seems like a really dumb idea. I've never seen a patio like that with a random support beam. It also seems like a bad idea to have something probably very important looking so very makeshift..

    1. Right?! I think it's supposed to be reinforcing the teeny patio belonging to the apartment upstairs, but they definitely could have placed it better. And apparently it was done well over a week ago, so why is the temporary cardboard tube-y thing still around the cement? Obviously it's done being shaped now...

    2. Didn't you know? cement melts if the cardboard isn't left on for one hundred years first.