Monday, July 23, 2012


This weekend I saw The Dark Knight Rises (and it was fucking amazing), took an awesome nap, and went on a couple hikes.  The Alaskan wilderness is beautiful.

However, I've been living in a two-bed dorm room with a shared bathroom for the last week.  My ankles are covered in mosquito bites.  I'm tired as hell because I can't get normal sleep between the 24-construction and the itty twin bed in which I'm sleeping.

Above all, I'm fed up with my summer program.  It's not at all worth the money that I had to spend to do it and I'm really frustrated.  I either don't have anything to do or I'm expected to follow directions that were either not given clearly or not given at all.  If I don't I get yelled at.  If I do sometimes I get shoved out of the way.

I've been here a week and I'm ready to go back home already.

I just have to get through this to prove to myself that I can.  If not, why bother performing?


  1. I have a theory that the reason divas become divas are because they went through a ton of shitty summer programs in their undergrad. You can do this. And then you can make everyone around you pay for it in 10 years.

    1. The hilarious part is that there is a large group of graduate students from Boston Conservatory. So it's not just undergrad. It's undergrads, graduate students, and some community members. We (the students/performers) have more respect for each other on a consistent basis than at least one of the instructors. That being said, things got better Tuesday after I had a lesson with the director of the program.